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Paris : Case Studies in Agile Software by Mary Poppendieck 

Date et lieu

Le Wednesday 01 June 2011, de 08h30 à 10h30.

À Paris, Île-de-France


Pour le mois de Juin, Operae Partners vous invite au petit déjeuner de Mary Poppendieck. (Cette session sera tenue en anglais).


Mary Poppendieck will present case Studies in Agile Software Development informed by Lean Principles.


In 2007 IBM decided that it had to deliver more of what customers really want, and do that faster and with fewer defects. After studying both lean principles and agile practices in software development, the company rolled out a world-wide transition to agile for its 25,000 software engineers. Two years later IBM was well on its way to realizing its objectives.


In 2008 the Norwegian company Tandberg, now a division of Cisco, introduced a game-changing video platform before any of its competitors, using a lean approach to product development. It took only 20 months from idea to production of the Codec C90, securing the company’s dominance in the high end video conferencing market.


At Google, all code resides in one code repository and a few years ago, teams spent an enormous amount of time integrating their code. A test-focused initiative created a company-wide continuous build which allows any team to test its code against the main repository and obtain feedback within a few minutes, dramatically speeding up the integration process.


Companies turn to lean development principles when they are looking for better ways to improve quality, reduce time to market, and satisfy customers. This talk will look at companies that have adopted agile and/or lean software development processes, and look at why each company’s approach to agile was strikingly different, while their understanding of lean software development was fundamentally the same.


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