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Agenda des Agilistes

L'agenda des évènements autour de l'Agilité en France (et pas trop loin)

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Belgique : Zebrastraat : Gamestorming Retreat 

Date et lieu

Le Saturday 11 February 2012, de 09h00 à 17h00.

À Belgique : Zebrastraat, Autre pays




Einstein once said that “Play is the highest form of research.” Gamestorming is about crafting and playing small but significant games to refine, iterate, prototype and execute ideas. You’ll be like agile ninja scientists – experimenting and adapting your ideas into something that’s very commercially real.

As the systems we design for become more complex, work is changing from a solo activity to a team sport, where individuals, teams, partners, customers, ... need to work together. Cross functional collaboration requires new skills and practices. How can you engage more people in the process, without losing the creative culture and energy that fuels the process?

Gamestorming applies game thinking and game mechanics to these kinds of business challenges. Gamestorming can help you quickly form simple models of complex systems, so you can involve others in your thinking, explore systems, and experience them from within to gain new insights. Gamestorming is a holistic collaboration approach that will help you combine design practices like sketching, sorting, prototyping and role-play to gain meaningful insights and outcomes.

But reality is a bitch, although Gamestorming is a revolutionary approach, a ground-breaking new way of working and collaborating, but how do you get started playing these games? How do you find the time to experiment and learn? How do you make a change in your organizations, be a Gamestorming advocate?

What you need is a safe environment where you can practice these Gamestorming practices with peers, enthusiasts and other rulebreakers. Play, learn, share and connect with other mind-liked people in order to drive this industry forward.

That's where we come in.AGILEMinds provides you with a series of retreats designed to practice your Gamestorming skills and provide a community platform for sharing and mostly having a whole lot of fun!

During these one-day events, on a Saturday and yes they're FREE, you'll join a group of mind-liked people. You can propose your own problems, solutions, games you want to play and evaluate or join others. It's an open format and the agenda will be collaboratively design effort. Don't worry we'll have some experienced facilitators in the room to help out where needed.

The outcome?Without doubt you'll feel more comfortable moving this forward in your company or at clients, you'll develop a hidden magic skill.





Maarten Volders

Maarten Volders is a Systems Thinker, Organizational Effectiveness Coach and Futurist. He helps organizations and people to see, set a course towards an uncertain future and guide them in their journey. View profile

Erik Talboom

Erik is a highly experienced software craftsman with a passion for teaching.His skill set includes Application Lifecycle Management, Agile, Kanban, and Systems Thinking combined with a high degree of coaching skills.Erik is the driving force behind the Code Retreat community in Belgium. View profileTopics


Come, play and have fun solving real life issues which can include



But at the end it's all up to you! It's gonna rock!



Site Web: http://www.agileminds.be/community/45/70

Contact: maarten CHEZ agileminds POINT be

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